Android Devices Activation Support

  How to Install Giniko+ TV to Android Devices.   Note: New viewers are required to Sign Up at http://billing.giniko.com
Please follow these easy steps to start watching Giniko+ TV on
Android IPTV, Tablets, Mobile Devices!

Recommended Android Phones,Tablets, IPTV Devices: Android OS 3.2 and up only.

Download at Google Play Store

1. Go to the Google Play Store
on your Android smartphone.
2. Find the Search field and
type "Giniko+ TV".
3. Click on the found result.

4. Click the Install button.
5. Click on the Accept button and Giniko+ TV
will be downloaded and installed.
6. Go all the way back to your App drawer.
Find the Giniko+ TV icon and open.

7. You will be asked to enter your Giniko+
TV account. Feel free to check the
"Remember Me" box and click the
Login button.
8. Now sit back, relax and choose your
favorite Giniko+ TV channels and
9. Enjoy Watching with DVR feature
and never miss any problem!!!

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